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Smith Auto Detailing:

Who Are We & What's our story

Auto Detailing Edmond, Ok about Smith Auto Detailing

Smith Auto Detailing:

A little about us and our operations

About Us

Smith Auto Detailing is a mobile detailing business servicing you in Edmond and North OKC areas.

Although I would love to service all, my services aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a fast and poor quality car wash/detail, then we’re definitely not the people to contact. 


We are mobile, so that means that I come to your home or place of work, so you don't have to drive anywhere. I bring everything needed with with the exception of water and electricity, so I will need to use your water and electric depending on the services you want.

Customer service is my priority and I do my best to promptly respond to every message with a thorough answer. Clear communication is very important to me and I thrive to build good working relationships with my clients. I deliver quality results every time; if you are ever unsatisfied with my work, please let me know and I will make it right.

Regarding my Covid safety procedures, I will need to know if you have been recently exposed to the virus. I will practice social distancing and wear a mask when needed. 

Learn About Our Detailing Process

If you don't already know how bad automatic car washes are for your car and paint, let me explain. When you go to the car wash, most of the time your vehicle isn't even clean and you have to dry it yourself to prevent water spots. The way those car washes work, is by taking huge brushes and slapping them on your paint. After 1-2 other vehicles, those pads hitting your car are now full of dirt, rocks, and debris now being used to clean your paint. This process destroys your clear coat and paint, causing swirling and sometimes deep scratches. 

Overall, car washes are just a hassle and damage your vehicle, which is what I work towards to minimize so you don't have to stress about your car. 

I believe in my work so much. I have spent countless hours learning every method, strategy, and products used to clean and protect your vehicle. After that I worked to refine my own methods and strategies to be the best possible for each and every one of my clients. 

I have tried so many products used for every purpose, to find the products that work best and provide the best results. When touching the paint, I do everything possible to keep dirt and debris from scratching the clear coat, while still cleaning your paint from this dirt. These same techniques are used on your wheels and interior pieces to retain the condition of your vehicle. 

I could go into all kinds of detail about every service I do and how I do them, but this was just a little look into what goes into my work. 

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