Complete Detail:

Have Both Interior and Exterior Completely Detailed


This service is the most popular service because it cleans both interior and exterior, leaving your entire vehicle looking absolutely amazing !

Here's the detail process:


  • All rubber, vinyl, and plastic surface (EX: door panels, cup holders, dash, etc…)

  • Complete and thorough vacuum of the entire interior

  • Carpet and upholstery shampoo Spot/Stain removalPet hair/Sand Removal as needed

  • Leather cleaning/conditioning

  • Interior glass cleaning and protection

  • Complete interior protection

  • Carpet and upholstery protection


  • Wheel/Tire/wheel well completely cleaned

  • Door jamb detail and protection

  • Compete exterior wash

  • Complete exterior decontamination with clay bar

  • Bug removal

  • Road tar, sap, bird dropping removal (and all other surface contaminants)

  • Paint and glass protection (wax/sealant)

  • Wheel/tire/wheel well dressing and protection

  • Black trim dressing and protection as needed


(prices may vary depending on condition)

Sports/Compact Car: $90

Sedan: $120

Small Truck/SUV/Jeep: $180

SUV/Truck/Jeep: $210

Mini Van: $240

XL Van: $270

(These are MINIMUMS)

(Prices may vary up to $50 more than original price)

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