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ceramic coating in Edmond, OK

Edmond's Professional Ceramic Coating Installers 

The most durable and long lasting paint protection to keep your car in pristine shape
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What Is A Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to the exterior surfaces of your car, to provide an extra layer of protection against scratches, UV rays, and chemical damage. It is applied following some level of paint correction. We do offer both a 1 step paint polish primarily for new cars, as well as a 2 step paint correction


Traditionally, a wax is what everyone thinks of when they want their car protected and shiny. But over time the ceramic coating was created. The coating is made of silica dioxide (SiO2) that creates a bond with the surface of the paint to create a durable and long-lasting layer of protection.

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

A lot of companies like to advertise certain things about coatings that simply are not true, and provide false value… 

So here are some real benefits that come from a ceramic coating:

  • The most durable protection available lasting up to 9 years!

  • Protects the paint/clear coat from harmful UV rays, and chemical damage

  • You only apply it once, then maintain is with something like our maintenance program

    • Unlike a wax that needs to be done every 3 months

  • Incomparable hydrophobic properties that make your car stay cleaner for a longer period of time

Ceramic coating Edmond

The Coating Process

It is necessary to have some level of paint correction done in order to apply the ceramic coating, and have it adhere to the paint optimally. Without correct preparation, a 3 year coating can start breaking down after just 1 year. 


BUT if you have a BRAND NEW car, you may not need a full paint correction. As a professional, I can take a look and we can have that talk about protecting your INVESTMENT, that is a brand new car! At the most your brand new car may just need a 1 step polish.


Getting into the actual process… it's kind of similar to the saying “give me 6 hours to cut a tree down and I'll spend the first 4 sharpening my ax”. Usually the coating process takes around 7-8 hours, but it only actually takes 1-2 hours to actually apply the coating.

We do a deep exterior detail and a complete decontamination, including iron fallout and full clay bar treatment to make sure the paint is completely bare. 

Then we complete the agreed level of paint correction, which could be either our 1 Step Polish or a 2 Step Correction to completely remove swirls and scratches.

Now is the point where I apply the coating that you want.  

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Ceramic Coating Options

These are starting prices and averages. Our pricing will differ depending on size and level of correction. The pricing below is for the said coating with a 1 Step Paint Polish

3 Year Starting Price: $850

6 Year Starting Price: $1,100

9+ Year Starting Price: $1,450

You will need paint correction done prior; learn more about our 1 Step Polish or our 2 Step Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating FAQ's

Do you have a shop or come to me?

We do have a garage shop in Edmond specifically for paint correction and ceramic coatings. But as we are a mobile based company, we can also come to your home to service you and take care of your vehicle there. All we need is access to a water faucet and electrical outlet, and for ceramic coatings I do need access to a garage space to apply it in.

How do you maintain a coating after I get one?

We actually have a maintenance program that is specially designed primarily for our ceramic coating clients. Not only do we come out to your house on a regular basis, at no inconvenience. We will ensure that your coating will live its full lifetime.

How long after, until I can drive my car?

You can drive it in the next 24 hours from being applied, but you do need to keep it out of the rain or any water for at least 48 hours. So to be safe it'd be smart to not drive for 2 days. But that's your call... Need a quick coffee? Sure go grab one… is it raining? You probably shouldn't until the 48 hour rest period is over. 

Is it scratch resistant? Does it replace a clear coat?

No!! These are two huge misconceptions in the coating industry, that a ceramic coating is stronger than anything and can prevent any sort of damage from happening. In all reality there is no ceramic coating that is scratch resistant. And if you have clear coat fading or sun damage… The only fix is a repaint. If anyone tells you they have something to fix your damaged clear coat, it's what we like to call “snake oil” in the industry. Don't trust those guys…

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