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ceramic coating in edmond ok
Ceramic Coating Edmond Ok

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Necessary Info About Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings:

Paint correction and a ceramic coating is the most effective way to protect your vehicle, make your car stand out, and add more gloss and depth to your paint. 

Pertaining to Ceramic Coatings, it is necessary to have some level of paint correction done in order for the ceramic coating to correctly adhere to the paint. Without correct preparation, a 3 year coating can start breaking down after just 1 year. ,

BUT, if you have a brand NEW car you may not need paint correction. As a professional, we can have that talk about protecting your INVESTMENT, that is a brand new car! Feel free to call me about getting a ceramic coating for your car!

Ceramic info

What exactly is paint correction?

Simply put, Paint Correction is the mechanical leveling of your car's clear coat to a point where the paint is free of swirl marks and light scratches. This involves either a 1 or 2 step process of compounding and/or polishing in order to remove imperfections in the clear coat.


Not everyone needs or wants “perfect paint,” some are simply okay with much better but not perfect. Not everyone looks at their paint with a flashlight to inspect it from centimeters away, most people want just a simple "enhancement"; but some enthusiasts do desire perfect paint for show room results.

Swirl Marks

car detail paint correction service in edmond ok

Swirl marks are very common among almost every vehicle. This is a result of improper washing methods or going to the automatic car wash. This can come out from a 1 step correction.  

Light Scratches

car detailing paint correction service in edmond ok

Light scratches like this ^^^ are also somewhat common from flying rocks, shopping carts, or sitting on your car. This is most likely to come out with a 2 step correction. 

Water Spots

auto detailing paint correction service in edmond ok

Water spots are very common and can be caused by improper wash methods or simply just a rain sprinkling. This can sometimes come out from a wash, but most likely they have been setting in for a while and need paint correction.


We take the time to communicate with you and help you to figure out exactly what we can do to fulfill your expectations while also staying in your budget.


Feel free to reach out with any questions about getting a paint correction and ceramic coating done on your car!

Ceramic Coatings:

Protecting the paint after Paint Correction

Ceramic contains SiO2 (silica dioxide) which is the primary component of glass and is what gives glass its strength and hardness. This integrated SiO2 technology makes this product far more durable and hydrophobic than any wax or sealant.

Here are some benefits:

  • Provides un-matched protection from 3-9 years

  • Hydrophobic properties that repels water, dirt, mud, and 

  • Easier to clean with self cleaning properties

  • No more waxes or sealants needed

  • Your vehicle will look new longer

  • Cost effective way to keep your investment (your vehicle) protected 

  • Able to last 2-9 years depending on maintenance

If you want the ceramic coating properties and benefits, but you don't care as much about the condition of your vehicle's paint, we can apply a ceramic coating without any paint correction if you do not want to pay that hight of a price. We will need to have a quick conversation to discuss how that will work and to correctly set your expectations. 

Ceramic Pricing


(prices may vary depending on condition)

In these prices, a 2-3 year Ceramic Coating will be applied. If you desire a greater 7-9 year coating or cheaper pricing, Call or request a quote to learn more

1 Step Paint Correction w/ Ceramic Coating

Cars/Sedans: $750

Small Truck, SUV, and Jeep: $900

Large Truck, SUV, Jeep: $1,100

2 step paint correction w/ Ceramic Coating

Cars/Sedans: $950

Small Truck, SUV, and Jeep: $1,250

Large Truck, SUV, Jeep: $1,500

It is almost necessary but we recommend our Maintenance Program to clean your vehicle with the proper methods so your ceramic coating lasts for as long as possible ! 

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