Complete Detail:
Have Both Interior and Exterior Completely Detailed

complete mobile car detail in edmond ok
complete mobile car detail in edmond ok

This service is the most popular service because it cleans both interior and exterior, leaving your entire vehicle looking absolutely amazing! The Complete Detail is where both interior and exterior get fully detailed to the best possible results in the realm of possibility. This service is for those who want their car to look 10x better inside AND outside. 

Here's the detail process:


  • All rubber, vinyl, and plastic surface (EX: door panels, cup holders, dash, etc…)

  • Complete and thorough vacuum of the entire interior

  • Carpet and upholstery shampoo Spot/Stain removalPet hair/Sand Removal as needed

  • Leather cleaning/conditioning

  • Interior glass cleaning and protection

  • Complete interior protection

  • Carpet and upholstery protection


  • Wheel/Tire/wheel well completely cleaned

  • Door jamb detail and protection

  • Compete exterior wash

  • Complete exterior decontamination with clay bar

  • Bug removal

  • Road tar, sap, bird dropping removal (and all other surface contaminants)

  • Paint and glass protection (wax/sealant)

  • Wheel/tire/wheel well dressing and protection

  • Black trim dressing and protection as needed


(prices may vary depending on condition)

Sports/Compact Car: $100
Sedan: $140
Small Truck/SUV/Jeep: $180
SUV/Truck/Jeep: $225
Mini Van: $275
(These are MINIMUMS)
(Prices may vary up to $50 more than original price)

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