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Exterior Detail:
Make Your Paint Look Amazing

This service is for those of you that want your paint, wheels, trim, etc... detailed to the best results in the realm of possibility. If you have a show car and want paint correction or ceramic coating for paint/wheels/windows, call or email for more info; or go to those service pages on here!

Here's the detail process:

  1. Thoroughly clean the wheels, tires, and wheel wells. 

  2. Wash vehicle with quality products, cleaning the entire car including stuck bugs, door jambs, and gas cap.

  3. Clay bar the paint to remove embedded dirt, and contaminants.

  4. Apply a layer of wax on paint by hand or machine for months of protection and add an amazing shine. 

  5. Clean windows inside and out for streak free and clear vision. 

  6. Dress tires for a beautiful matte shine.  


(prices may vary depending on condition)

Sports/Compact Car: $60
Sedan: $85
Small Truck/SUV/Jeep: $100
SUV/Truck/Jeep: $125
Mini Van: $150
(These are MINIMUMS)
(Prices may vary up to $50 more than original price)

If you want a higher level of shine and cleanliness book a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

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