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Interior Detail:

Transform your interior to look new again

Full Interior Cleaning Edmond

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This service will get your interior as clean as possible. Everything we can touch gets cleaned and shampooed. We clean everything but not every stain can be removed. BUT we will do everything is the realm of possibility to make your vehicle look its very best !


Here's the cleaning process:

  1. First we throw trash away and keep any personal items in a separate bag. 

  2. Then the entire inside will be thoroughly vacuumed.

  3. Seats, carpets, and floor mats are shampooed and extracted as needed. Leather seats and surfaces will be cleaned with proper methods to clean and protect the leather. 

  4. Next we will thoroughly clean everything else remaining including the dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, etc…

  5. Finally we will clean your windows inside and out for crystal clear vision. 


(prices may vary depending on condition)

Sports/Compact Car: $100
Sedan: $150
Small Truck/SUV/Jeep: $200
SUV/Truck/Jeep: $275
Mini Van: $300
(These are MINIMUMS)
(Prices may vary up to $50 more than original price)

If you want exterior as well, the Complete Detail is for you

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