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Car Detail Membership Edmond, OK

What is Maintenance Detailing?

At the foundational level, maintenance detailing is just a simple "cleaning" AFTER I perform an in depth detail or if your vehicle is already in detailed condition; this is where communication comes into place. I would say its like a subscription car detail. It's like a subscription in that, I come out to you to clean your vehicle at a determined basis that we agree upon; for example every month on the first Saturday. 

The difference between our maintenance program and standard detailing is in that it is a recurring cleaning, rather than a one time detail. First, maintenance is to KEEP YOUR VEHICLE CLEAN, not to clean your horrible condition vehicle. A maintenance detail takes place AFTER a standard/Complete Detail; so we do require a Complete Detail to be done in almost all cases. I say this partly because maintenance pricing is cheaper than standard detailing; but that doesn't mean you can get a full blown detail for this much cheaper price. Maintenance detailing is to PRESERVE your vehicle.

But this isn't just a weekly car wash. Especially if we have applied a ceramic coating on your vehicle, maintenance is almost necessary. But even though this isn't a full blown detail we still use proper methods and strategies to avoid scratches, marring, or any type of damage that is possible. Whereas at an auto car wash those mitts are slapping your vehicle at high speeds with rocks and debris, just absolutely destroying your paint. 

If you want just interior or just exterior to be maintained, that is something that is specific and I would want to have a phone call with you to discuss all those details. 


What's included in a maintenance detail:

  1. Clean wheels/tires, door jambs, gas cap, and wheel wells  

  2. Wash your car with proper methods and strategies

  3. Apply our express sealant to give protection and great shine

  4. Dress tires

  5. Thorough vacuuming of seats, carpets, and floor mats

  6. Wipe down and clean all interior surfaces

  7. Clean windows inside and out for crystal clear vision

Who is maintenance for?

This program is for anyone and everyone. If you desire to have your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis, this program is for you. Although you may think only weekend drivers like Ferraris, Porsches, or Jaguars have this program, this is also for moms or dads who just want their daily driver to stay in great condition. 

Although the people who do have sports cars like your Ferraris, Porsches, or Jaguars probably make up the majority of the people on this program; I also have parents with daily drivers in this program. This is a review from one of my maintenance clients, who drives a SUV, with kids going in and out everyday. 

Notice how she noted on the maintenance program, she's signed up for a monthly basis and loves the convenience of me coming to her home every month and keeping her mom car clean. 

Like I stated before, this program isn't only for super mega wealthy people with Ferraris and Porsches. It's simply for anyone who wants to maintain the cleanliness of their vehicle after a Complete Detail.

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When is maintenance needed?

So it's not a definitive answer, but it really just depends on you. I can recommend certain time frames depending on your circumstance but you may want something else. You can get on the maintenance plan for once a week, once a month, or even once a year. The Pricing on this will be different for each one of these frequencies but the occurrence is up to you!

The great thing about this program is that once you sign up, you basically go to the top of my priorities. I work very closely with my clients so the program works as conveniently for you! If you are gone a trip and your'e comfortable with it, I will still clean your car and I can send you some pics and we can do online paying. Or if it is raining because of this crazy Oklahoma weather, we can easily reschedule to another day. 

I work hard WITH YOU to make this program as convenient and the best experience for you!

Where does maintenance happen?

So like the rest of our services, we are mobile and the only thing I need is an electrical outlet. I try my best to work with you to make this program the best experience and as convenient for you!


You don't have to bring your vehicle to me, I can service you at your home or even at your workplace as long as I have access to an electrical outlet. If you have an important meeting or a special event and you need your vehicle to be cleaned, just let me know and I will work with you to get your vehicle looking great for your event. Now I know that whole electrical outlet thing may be annoying but I'm working hard to upgrade equipment and eventually be 100% mobile with a generator as well. 

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