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Edmond’s Paint Correction Specialist

2 Step Correction To Transform Your Cars Paint To Shine Like Brand New

Remove Swirls And Imperfection For The Most Shine And Clarity In Your Paint

The Level 2 paint correction is dedicated to removing around 80% of the swirls, scratches, and imperfections from your paint. We do this by an intense cut and then polish system, called the 2 step correction. This will create the best results possible for most vehicles that aren't brand new. 

Sadly though, this does not mean that every single scratch can be taken out. But that's just the world of detailing; fortunately we do everything we can in the realm of possibility to remove any imperfections we can and make your paint shine like new! While we cant take all scratches out with this, our wet sanding and paint touch up can take care of that.  

While I do generally say that BRAND NEW cars only need our 1 Step Polish paired with a ceramic coating, it is possible that even after just a few months off of the lot; the paint can still require a 2 step. Meaning that it'll just come down to a judgment call on our end, when we see the paint in person. 

If you're looking to add protection, check out our ceramic coatings! We are a System X certified company and our ceramic coatings are the most superior form of protection. We offer Car Ceramic Coatings, Boat Ceramic Coatings, and Plane Ceramic Coatings. And in the future we will also be offering paint protection film.

paint correction and ceramic coating edmond

Paint Correction In Edmond, OK: What exactly is it?

Simply put, Paint Correction is the mechanical leveling of your car's clear coat. This is a safe process and is what we refer to when saying we will remove the swirls and scratches in your paint... although those imperfections actually only live in the clear coat. Now this process is usually done in either 1 or 2 Steps, and obviously this page is all about the 2 step paint correction, but if you do have a newer car you may only need a 1 Step Polish

Now with some exceptions, our 2 step full paint correction will leave your car with near perfect paint as the end goal is  80% - 90% clarity. While this service is commonly performed on sports cars or show cars, its not exclusive for them. We do SUV's and sedans just as commonly as those special cars. With this service everyone can attain showroom results. And whether you have a Chevy Malibu or a Ferrari F12, after any of our paint correction services you should definetly have a ceramic coating applied to provide the most superior form of protection you can get! You can Learn More About Ceramic Coatings Here and pick from our selection since we are a System X certified company. 

Our Polishing Process


Clean the wheel face and barrel, tires, and fenders. 


Thorough wash process cleaning the paint of bugs, the gas cap, and door jambs


Chemically remove iron particles to prevent corrosion that deteriorates paint 


Clay bar to decontaminate the paint of embedded dirt and debris


Tape off sensitive areas like any plastic trim or rubber to prevent damage


Step 1: Compound/Correction Phase Remove majority of deep imperfections in a safe way using microfiber pads


Step 2: Polishing Stage. This is where we remove micro-scratches and make your paint like a mirror 


Wipe down all surfaces with a panel prep to remove polish residue


Apply protection for shine and protection, either a wax or ceramic coating


Dress tires to either a matte or shiny look (they will be dry to the touch)


Clean windows inside and out for crystal clear vision


Final inspection and touch up to ensure quality and a perfect looking car!

Following this service of course you can just get an ordinary wax that is temporary, or you can get the longest lasting form of protection a ceramic coating to protect from Edmond weather. 

Simple Pricing

Pricing may vary. Final price will be determined on size, condition, and type; as well as type of protection. 





(Toyota Camry/Range Rover)



(Large SUV/Truck)


Check out our Ceramic Coatings that we install here in Edmond, if you're looking to protect your car to the upmost level and keep your paint in perfect condition after this service.

If you want to maintain the new paint condition, our Maintenance Program is perfect for people like you wanting to properly take care of their car. 

Paint Correction FAQ’s

Do you offer ceramic coatings?

We sure do! We are a SystemX certified company and we offer a 3, 6, and 9 year ceramic coating. It is an additional price of course, you can learn more about our ceramic coatings here.  

Do you come to me?

We are both shop based and mobile. We have a garage shop that is specifically for doing paint correction and ceramic coatings. But we are still mobile and can service you at your home, the only drawback is that I would need your garage space to work. 

Why do I need paint correction? Doesn't a wax do that?

A traditional wax does not remove swirls or paint imperfections at all. All that a wax does is add a temporary protection to the paint. In order to actually make the paint shine and clear of any imperfections, at least a 1 step polish or the 2 step correction needs to be done. 

How long do the results last?

After the paint is corrected, it comes down to how you maintain it. If you go to the automatic car wash down the road your paint will be scratched in no time. But with something like our ceramic coatings protecting it for years to come, paired with our maintenance program; you can rest assured that your car will look new for a long time. 

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