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The Best Wash And Wax In Edmond

Make your car shine and add protection with our premium processes and wax

Make your paint shine and protect it from Edmond’s crazy weather

When was the last time that you waxed your car? Has it been a while? Did it turn out how you liked?

Do you have a new car and you want to protect it and make the paint shine? Maybe a show car that needs some love?

Then our Wash and Wax is for you!

Our clients love this service because not only is it simple and relatively quick. It truly does surprise them how glossy the paint looks.

The wax we use adds a layer of protection on your paint and also leaves the car with a smooth to the touch feeling.

Our Wash and Wax Process


Clean the wheel face and barrel, tires, and fenders. 


Thorough wash process cleaning the paint of bugs, the gas cap, and door jambs


Clay bar to decontaminate the paint of embedded dirt and debris


Apply the layer of wax to the paint by machine for pristine results and shine


Clean windows inside and out, then apply tire dressing


Final inspection to ensure quality and return fantastic looking car to client!

Now obviously this is just a wash and wax, if you'd also like to get the interior of your car done; our most popular service is the Full Interior Detail. So that way both inside and outside can be looking pristine!

Simple Pricing

Pricing may vary. Final price will be determined on size, condition, and type





(Toyota Camry/Range Rover)



(Large SUV/Truck)


If you want a long term protection that will last years (literally) and protect from all of Oklahoma’s weather, a Ceramic Coating is for you! 

If you have a show car and want your paint and wheels to stick out in the crowd, having a Paint Correction done will provide that! 

Wash and Wax FAQ's

Do you come to me?

Yes! We are a mobile based company and so we do come to your home to service you and take care of your vehicle at no inconvenience. All we need is access to a water faucet and electrical outlet. 

How long will the wax last?

It can range from 3-6 months! If your car is garage kept and not driven in harsh elements it can last up to 6 months. But if your car stays outside in the rain and elements all the time, it may only last a couple months. If you're interested in a long term protection, a Ceramic Coating is for you and it will literally last years!!

Does this service remove scratches?

No, at least nothing significant. By using a machine to apply the wax, it will buff very light scratches off and the wax itself will fill and “hide” minor imperfections. But again nothing significant. If you do want to remove swirls and scratches then our Paint Correction services are for you!!

How far do you travel?

We mainly service Edmond, OK but also serve surrounding areas as well. We travel to cities such as Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills, The Village, Arcadia, Guthrie, etc… 

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