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car paint polish in edmond

Premium Paint Polishing In Edmond

1 Step Paint Polish to enhance your cars paint and remove swirls and imperfections

1 Step Paint Polish To Remove Swirls And Paint Imperfections

Have you ever looked at your car in the sunlight and noticed what may look like spiderwebs all over your car? Those are called swirls and are very surface level imperfections that remain in the clear coat. 


These scratches often hinder the amount of shine that your car has, but luckily our 1 Step Paint Polish can remove those swirls and make your paint shine again. Then you can protect it with something like our ceramic coatings!

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What exactly is paint correction?

Simply put, Paint Correction is the mechanical leveling of your car's clear coat to a point where the paint is free of swirl marks and light scratches. This involves either a 1 or 2 step process of compounding and/or polishing in order to remove imperfections in the clear coat. We do offer both 1 Step Paint Polish as well as 2 Step Paint Correction


BUT not everyone needs or wants “perfect paint,” some are simply okay with much better but not perfect. Not everyone looks at their paint with a flashlight to inspect it from centimeters away, most people want just a simple "enhancement"; but some enthusiasts do desire perfect paint for showroom results. Even if your car needs a full paint correction, you may be okay with just our 1 step paint polish to make the paint shine before a ceramic coating.

Remove paint imperfections and make your paint shine

Most commonly the types of scratches that can be removed with only a polish, are swirls and small scratches. Usually these happen by improper wash practices, normal wear day to day, BUT even brand new cars will have swirls straight from the manufacturer. That's because while your brand new car is on the assembly line, being transported, test driven, and "taken care of" by the dealership; your brand new paint is getting marred before you even see it!


This is NOT a horrible thing and it's relatively easy to get out. Obviously you can make a judgment call on whether you need just a polish or the 2 Step Correction, but I always do a test spot to let you know what type of results we can produce with just a 1 step and see if your car needs a full correction. 

Our Polishing Process


Clean the wheel face and barrel, tires, and fenders. 


Thorough wash process cleaning the paint of bugs, the gas cap, and door jambs


Chemically remove iron particles to prevent corrosion that deteriorates paint 


Clay bar to decontaminate the paint of embedded dirt and debris


Tape off sensitive areas like any plastic trim or rubber to prevent damage


Polish: Inspect, test spot, inspect/conclude, polish all paint to perfection


Wipe down all surfaces with a panel prep to remove polish residue


Apply protection for shine and protection, either a wax or ceramic coating


Dress tires to either a matte or shiny look (they will be dry to the touch)


Clean windows inside and out for crystal clear vision


Touch up detailed spots like the grill, emblems, etc...


Final inspection to ensure quality and return fantastic looking car to client!

Following this service of course you can just get an ordinary wax that is temporary, or you can get the longest lasting form of protection a ceramic coating to protect from Edmond weather. 

Simple Pricing

Pricing may vary. Final price will be determined on size, condition, and type; as well as type of protection. 





(Toyota Camry/Range Rover)



(Large SUV/Truck)


Check out our 2 Step Paint Correction to see if thats a better fit for your paint condition. If you want to protect your car to the highest level, also check out our Ceramic Coatings that we install here in Edmond

If you want to maintain the new paint condition, our Maintenance Program is perfect for people like you wanting to properly take care of their car. 

Paint Polishing FAQ’s

Do you offer ceramic coatings?

Absolutely! We offer a 3, 6, and 9 year ceramic coating for all vehicles. It is an additional price of course, but its the longest lasting form of protection you can get.  

Can I bring my car to you?

You sure can! While we don't have a shop, my at home garage is outfitted specifically for doing paint correction and ceramic coatings. We are still mobile and can service you at your home, the only drawback is that I would need your garage space to work. 

What's the difference between the 1 Step and the 2 Step Correction?

1 Step Paint Polish is to remove surface level scratches and swirls, about 50% - 60% of imperfections will be removed

2 Step Paint Correction will be a more aggressive process that removes around 90% of imperfections, including all surface level swirls as well as deeper scratches. 

How long does it last?

This is another “it depends” question because once it is polished and your paint is in great condition, in theory it could last for years… it's dependent on how you protect it and maintain it. Of course you could just get it waxed, but the far superior and most popular option is getting a ceramic coating. The difference is how durable and long lasting a ceramic coating is from a wax.

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