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Should You Wash Your Car In The Winter? And How...

The short answer is Yes! There is no reason why you shouldn't be taking care of your car, despite the weather outside. It doesn't matter if its during the winter at 32* or if it's the middle of summer and 100*; washing your car on a monthly basis is a great rule of thumb. Yes it can be a pain in the butt, but it must be done!

Luckily, year round we can do the grunt work for you. Our Maintenance Program is designed to be a personal/custom schedule for each client to work best for you... The reason for this is program is to give you comfort and ease you of that burden. We come out and take care of your car on a regular basis at your convenience and schedule. Meaning it doesn't matter what season, how busy you are, or if you're even at home! We will take care of your car, inside & out, on a regular basis.

But if you prefer to take care of your cars yourself, you do need to prepare yourself. Because the option is either let your cars paint deteriorate over the winter, or get dressed and get out there! Now there are a few things you can do to help with this process. First and most important is to dress warm and waterproof. Wear several layers of clothes, socks, AND GLOVES!! You don't want frostbite on your fingers. Also use a windbreaker or Another huge thing is to use less water. Avoid using the hose water because it can splash and is usually freezing cold. Also consider using a rinse-less wash solution instead of hose water.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR!! Having a greater form of protection on your paint is possibly the most important thing when considering taking care of your car year round. That's exactly what our Ceramic Coatings are. For a majority of our clients here at Smith Auto Detailing we apply a ceramic coating in Edmond after a paint correction service, to provide the greatest level of paint protection possible. This plays a huge factor in keeping your paint protected year round, as well as ease-ability and effectiveness of maintaining your car. If you're interested in getting a ceramic coating or paint correction done here in Edmond, feel free to Contact Us Here and get in touch to get scheduled in!

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